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One Piece Chapter 863

Lion of Caledonia(3)

By: Caro LaFever

Her forehead creased. Transcription could be done at any time of day and she worked best at night. Daytime meant being outside. Why did he insist on what time the work was done if all that mattered was that it got completed?

You need this job, Jen.

“That’s fine.” Her knotted hands loosened. When she transcribed didn’t matter. She’d only be here for as long as it took to find the ring. If she got lucky, that would amount to only a few days.

Mr. Steward kept looking at his memorabilia. “I believe it was made clear the position requires ye to live here.”

Here was where she needed to be. “Yes. That’s fine, too.”

“There isn’t a lot of social activity in the area.” His wide shoulders curved into his neck and then relaxed as if he’d shaken off any hesitancy about the subject.

“I have no problem with that.” Her non-interest in the social scene had been a huge issue with her family. Yet now, they could only be relieved Jennet fit into this role in so many ways. “I prefer it, actually.”

“Really?” The shoulders moved again, this time indicating disbelief. The man used his body like a fine-tuned communication device.

“Yes, really.” Her hands loosened further and she allowed herself a quick slide down her wool skirt to sweep away any lingering perspiration.

She was gaining ground in this interview. A thrill of accomplishment ran through her.

“The book will be long and once I start, I won’t stop.” The clasp of his hands compressed, making his knuckles white. “I expect it will take at least four months to complete.”

She’d be long gone before then. “Fine.”

Swing around, his movement was fluid with animal grace. “An agreeable little thing, aren’t ye?”

Condescension layered his words, along with the latent humor. Jen didn’t mind the humor, but she did mind the arrogance. Not arguing didn’t mean she couldn’t defend herself. Growing up among the boisterous Felloweses, she’d learned. “I wouldn’t be here if the terms weren’t agreeable to me.”

Her soft voice held a hint of steel.

An acknowledgment of the hint flickered in his eyes. This man was smart. And savvy. She’d figured out the first from her research about him. The second realization hit her now and made her shiver. Her grandfather had been thorough in this setup, making sure nothing would be tied to the Fellowes family, but she still needed to find the ring and escape; all under this man’s keen gaze.

She had no choice, although she now realized how tricky this would be.

“Well.” He paced back to the desk and grabbed one paper and a pen off the mess. “Then we have a deal, Jen—”

He stopped with a dramatic pause, the curl of his mouth telling her this was another tease, another test.

“Again, I’d prefer to keep this professional. Ms. Douglas will be fine.” She didn’t think standing firm in this area would risk her getting the job. The importance of keeping her distance made this worth the slight risk.

His mouth went from a curl to a quirk. “I guess that will work, if ye insist.”

Jen took in a deep breath. “I insist.”

“Hmm.” His eyes sparked with humor, as if her puny attempts at setting some of her own rules amused him. “All right.” Another dramatic pause. “Ms. Douglas it will be.”

A bang of thrilled victory raced around in her stomach, along with trepidation.

She’d got the job. Just like that. She’d expected a long, drawn-out interview. Lots of lengthy questions, maybe even a test of her skills. Apparently, however, this man made his decisions in a flash.

Cameron Steward smiled for the first time. Something like complete terror tumbled right into the mix of triumph and trepidation coursing through her. The smile creased his cheeks into long dimples and lit his dark eyes. His teeth gleamed in white perfection, only adding to the menace of his appeal.

Yes, very, very lethal.

“Sign here.” He moved toward her, pen and paper in hand, and she forced herself to keep still.

The paper landed on the edge of his massive desk and the pen was thrust in her face. This time, she couldn’t help her timid withdrawal.

“Sorry.” The pen, held in his big hand, drew back too. “I thought we had a deal.”

“We do.” Before he retreated farther, she pushed herself to pluck the odd pen away from him.

Leaning over, she tried to make herself read the short paragraph. There was something about time off. Her pay. Her room and board. Yet the details blurred because he stood so near. His heat reached out, warming her one side, making the other side of her feel cold. The smell of him wrapped around her too. A crisp, minty scent with something underneath, a scent that reminded her of deep forests and dark seas.

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