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A Clash with Cannavaro

By: Elizabeth Power

Italian billionaire Emiliano Cannavaro knows everyone has their price…

Especially Lauren Westwood, the sister of his brother’s duplicitous wife, and the only woman to ever come close to melting his cool defenses! When tragedy strikes, Emiliano will gain custody of his young orphaned nephew, even if the boy is currently under Lauren’s care.

Innocent Lauren isn’t the gold digger he believes and she won’t be bought! But when Cannavaro offers her an ultimatum—come to his house in the Caribbean with the child, or see him in court—she chooses to face him head-on. She’ll not give up without a fight—and it promises to be explosive!

“I do not want to hurt you, Lauren,” Emiliano said softly. “But you will give me no choice if you refuse.”

“So you’re giving me no choice instead?” Bitterness tinged her voice as she struggled with his ultimatum.

Another movement of an eyebrow said it all.

As she’d already pointed out, he was rich and powerful. He could tear her heart out if he wanted to. And he probably wanted to! she thought acridly. Instead he was offering her ecstasy. Physical ecstasy in return for not taking Danny away from him. Unbelievable physical ecstasy. And a suitcaseful of self-degradation when it was all over.

“All right. I’ll accompany my nephew,” she told him with her voice cracking. “To look after him and make sure that where he goes and what he does is in his best interest. But if you think that you and I will be picking up from where we left off two years ago, then you’ve got another thing coming! I won’t be your plaything, Emiliano. Not now or at any time in the future.”

All about the author…Elizabeth Power

ELIZABETH POWER wanted to be a writer from a very early age, but it wasn’t until she was nearly thirty that she took to writing seriously. Writing is now her life. Traveling ranks very highly among her pleasures, and so many places she has visited have been recreated in her books. Living in England’s West Country, Elizabeth likes nothing better than taking walks with her husband along the coast or in the adjoining woods, and enjoying all the wonders that nature has to offer. You can visit her at


LAUREN RECOGNISED THE man as soon as he stepped out of the car, a shining silver monster of a thing that looked incongruous against the rustic outbuildings of the Cumbrian farmhouse and the verdant slopes of the fells above its wet slate roofline.

It was the man striding across the yard with his hair blowing like an untamed mane in the wind that her gaze was fixed on, however, as she finished securing the stable door for the night.

Tall, lean, in his early thirties, his expensive tailoring could do nothing to conceal a physique honed to prime strength and unquestionable fitness, or those shoulders which were wide enough to eclipse the moon. But he was a man she had never expected—or hoped—ever to see again, and she watched his approach now with a leap of something electric lighting her wary green gaze.

‘Hello, Lauren.’

If she was lost for words, then it was only because she was shocked to see him there on her Lakeland property. A property on which her late parents had blown all their savings to chase a dream of self-sufficiency—a dream that had never quite lived up to its promise and which was a world away from the glamorous capitals of Europe and the far-flung playgrounds of the mega-rich that the man before her inhabited.

‘Emiliano!’ She could have kicked herself for sounding so breathless and for wishing that she was wearing something other than her vest top and dungarees, or even that she had had a chance to comb her hair. After being out in the damp air, checking on the horses she stabled for the few paying customers who helped subsidise her meagre income from the local garden centre, she knew the flaming waves were falling untidily about her shoulders in a blaze of ungoverned fire. ‘What are you doing here?’

A definite wobble weakened the challenge in her voice. But then it wasn’t every day that she found herself facing Emiliano Cannavaro, Italian shipping magnate and steel-hard billionaire. The man who had taken the already international freight and ferry line his grandfather had founded and turned it into a global giant, spearheaded by a fleet of luxury cruise liners. A man who had used his Continental charm and his chocolate-rich voice to lure her into his bed, only to discard her in the most degrading and humiliating way after the marriage of her sister, Vikki, to his younger brother, Angelo, two years ago.

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